Blackrock Down

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It’s been a while since I posted anything. Not for lack of news, but an abundance of apathy!

After last night though I’m feeling a little more like we’re a real guild, since for once we actually met the main criteria:

  • Have people from the guild in a raid.
  • Actually kill something.

Despite Carl’s continued infidelity, we managed to actually have a mostly guild group, along with our usual random bunch, for what would end up being our last night of progression until the next tier of content.

After switching things up a bit in phase 2, we finally decided to bring down Heroic Blackhand, and his foundry with him.

While we were slower than some, with a raid schedule of only two nights per-week lately and a pretty casual attitude towards progression – I’m pretty happy with our performance, and excited to see how Hellfire Citadel plays out.

So until then, it’s farming with a side of achievements to keep things interesting – maybe a Friday night beer raid or two to keep us humble.